Daqing Oil Culture and Wetland

Daqing Oil Culture and Wetland

Subject: the Oil culture of Daqing and wetland sightseeing 


Duration:3 Days




8:00: have breakfast.

9:00: go and visit Longfeng Wetland Reserve( 30 min bus and 40 min for visting).

10:00: visit Baihu Art Zone, which is regarded as the name card of the City Daqing.(15 min bus and 40 min for visiting)

11:00: visit the biggest square in Asia, which is also called the Time Square.


13:30: visit Daqing Urban Planning Museum, where youcan have a detailed introduction about Daqing in the past, now, and the future. (10 min bus and 1 hour for visiting)

14:50: visit Daqing Museum(5 min bus and 1h for visiting)



8:30: visiting Daqing Oilfield History Museum(10 min bus and 40 min for visiting). [The museum is the first one in China to make the oil industy as its main theme]

10:00: visit the the cluster drilling platform(30 min bus and 15 min for visiting).

11:00: have lunch


13:30: visit the Memorial Hall of Wang Jinxi.(50 min bus and 1h for visiting). [Wang Jinxi is a famous person in the history of oil in China, he made a great contribution to the development of Chinese oil industy. The spirit of Wangjinxi is called the iron-man spirit, which means the hardwork and perseverance]

15:00: visit Daqing Oil Science Museum.(5 min bus and 1h for visiting);



8:00: visit Iron-man Wang Jinxi’s first oil well.(30 bus and 1h for visiting)

10:00: go to LinDian and visit the Northland hot springs, where you can try the hotspring by yourself(1.5h bus and 4h to stay).


Free time.

Back to Harbin.

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