An introduction to the two options

  "Daqing" (pronounced Da Tshing) means literally "Great Celebration" in Chinese due to the discovery of the huge oilfield there in 1959 at the 10th anniversary of the PRC. Although in possession of China's largest oilfield, and the world's fourth most productive oil field, Daqing is more than a energy city. Titled "natural 100 Lake City" and "North Hot Springs Township”, Daqing surely has its unique and attracting feature as a scenic city.

  A photo of the oil field

  Yichun is a beautiful city surrounded by forests in Heilongjiang Province. The city lies on the Songhua River with Russia on the other side. Basing its economy on the forest industry, the city is famous for its Korean Pine, and the city is sometimes referred to as the hometown of Korean Pine. Also, Yichun is the first city in China where dinosaur fossils is discovered and many dinosaur fossil after that. Therefore, the city can also be referred to as the hometown of dinosaurs. Yichun also has a lot of tourist attractions, such as Korean Pine forest, which is considered to be the largest concentration of Korean Pine in the world, and the dinosaur park is both a nature reserve area and a dinosaur fossil museum.

   The forest in Yichun

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